Wooden Flooring

Wood has always been considered as a lifelong product of natural beauty and durability. There are three basic types of wood flooring—solid hardwood, engineered hardwood and plastic laminate (acrylic). Each floor certainly has its pros and cons with people making choices based on price, location of installation, method of installation and personal preference.

Hardwood flooring offers warmth and richness in a home. It enhances the decor of any room and has the benefit of being easy to maintain. Most hardwood floors require little more than regular sweeping or vacuuming.
While some concerns exist about the depletion of forests, there are a large number of products certified as being drawn from sustainable forests. Furthermore, wood from old structures is also available, recycled for another life in your home. Bamboo is another environmentally friendly option.

While wood flooring may have a larger initial capital outlay, over its lifespan it works out to be cheaper than many other popular flooring options.

Finally, wood flooring has an important health benefit of not collecting dust and other allergens. In fact, many leading health associations recommend wood floors as a good choice for a healthy home.

Wooden flooring adds value to your home so is a good choice for investment and capital gains, not to mention its lifetime durability. They tend to increase in value as your home does which makes it a great long-term investment.

Quality Wooden flooring

We can fit a wood floor to suit your individual taste and home requirements. From contemporary to rustic styles in both solid wood or engineered boards.
Wood flooring is simply beautiful, durable and environmentally friendly and when installed by our team of professionals can last for decades as it can be sanded back and refinished multiple times.
As a MJV Flooring are a leading wood flooring company we only use well-established manufacturing brands and can help you make the right choice.
All our wood flooring are installed by MJV Flooring where every single customer benefits from a professional installation, fitting & at a highly competitive price.

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